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12-Week Accelerator Programme

Are you a time-poor and stressed out small business owner?

  • Working too hard?
  • ​Feel like a slave to your business?
  • ​Business not growing fast enough?
  • Overwhelmed by everything you need to get done?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then don’t worry you’re not alone. Most small business owners struggle with the same challenges.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if I told you there is a way you could dramatically reduce your working hours, spend more quality time with your family, while simultaneously growing your business? Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

But that’s exactly what I’ve helped dozens of small business owners like you achieve in the last 8 years, through the power of business systemisation.


How Systems Can Transform Your Business and Lifestyle

Work less

Save time by delegating more of the daily activities in your business and spend more time with the family

Make more money

Have the time to focus on your talents and income generating activities

​Boost productivity

You’ll actually get more done when your systems are working instead of you

Grow and scale your business

When you have a systemised business, it’s easier to replicate your success

Build an asset

A systemised business is a valuable business


Be running your business

Why Systemise My Small Business?

Businesses that have systems are more likely to succeed, than businesses where the owner is running about doing most of the work.

Systemising your business is the only way to make it successful. You can’t grow your business beyond a certain level if you’ve not got systems in place. 

Systemising your business will give you:

  • Predictable income
  • Consistent products/services for every sale
  • the ability to run with or without you
  • Easier to hire people and train them
  • A way to scale out your business
  • A sellable or franchisable business
  • Makes it an asset

The Proof

Every business that has great success have something in common:

  1. Started out small
  2. Built systems to help grow the business

Have a look at:

  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Google
  • Toni & Guy
  • Dominos
  • or any local company that’s successful

They all have systems in place. Every job is done in a particular way. And they have it documented. Whichever McDonald’s you go to in the world. You expect the same service, atmosphere and food every single time. 

How It Works



Identify all the jobs in your business. From marketing to sales to admin.


See which is the most important part of the business to start with i.e. marketing, sales finance etc.


Document the jobs into simple tasks and checklists.


We build you an online portal to automate most of your jobs and systemise all of them.
Scale & Grow

Scale & Grow

Employe people that will run your systems. Giving consistent results for you and your customers.

What's Next?

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4 Things You Need To Start Doing Today To Stand Out & Be Influential 

Knowing Your Purpose

Have a compelling answer when people ask 'What do you do?'. Pitching your value and credibility is vital to becoming an influencer


Turn your key skills into solutions that people love to buy. Don't sell your time for money. Have a product range that can sell anytime and anywhere.


Turn your knowledge into blogs, articles, podcasts, videos and so on. Send your message out and educate people.


Work with people that you can leverage to create opportunities. You don't have to do everything yourself and in isolation.

This doesn’t take years… It’s about focusing on the right things. 

Develop a winning mindset, aim high and succeed

Don't let your self-confidence stop you from success

Reach your goals with support from a qualified NLP Coach

Business coaching and consulting for small businesses

Why haven’t you reached 100k Instagram followers? Become an expert in your field and a role model to everyone else?

If people like Melody Hussain and other instagram influencers can fly business class and inspire others… why haven’t you done the same?

It starts of with knowing your purpose. And then knowing what you need to do to get there.

Startup A Business

Business plan, website, branding to marketing strategy

Learn How To Grow

Generating sales and growing doesn't have to be pushy sales

Learn To Run Your Business

Learn the skills you need as an entrepreneur

About the 12-Week Accelerator

For those who want to stand out and become a Key Person of Influence in their fields. We run a 12-Week Accelerator Programme in the UK & Dubai.

The programme focuses on:

  • Building the skills and systems to get you to become a influencer.
  • Getting you to become confident in public speaking and writing.
  • Producing content and products that people will love.
  • Having a website and social media platforms to grow your followers.

Why O-Theory

We focus on 2 things:

  1. Building the actual business so it becomes an asset
  2. Coaching & training you to be able to run it

We follow a 8 step process to build your business into an asset – as described by Daniel Priestley in his book 24 Assets. 

  1. Winning Aspiration & Goals – Proctor & Gamble method and backed by Simon Sinek
  2. Market Research – Using Google, Facebook, Amazon to find out what’s in demand
  3. Designing Your Product – How to sell products or services that create huge demand
  4. Product Range – From lead magnets to upselling (profit boosters) – Recommended by Ryan Deiss
  5. How to Sell Your Products & Win – Strategizer method used by top 500 companies
  6. Automating & Systemising your Business – E-Myth way by Micheal Gerber
  7. Building your brand and website – Using the most popular platform in the world; WordPress
  8. Building Your Marketing Funnel – Generate leads and sales consistently

As you build your business. You need the know-how and skill set to be able to run it. This is having the winning mindset as well as the right skills. We coach you in 4 areas which you need to go through to succeed.

  1. Belief – Which includes:
    1. Keep your desire burning 
    2. Knowing your purpose
    3. Gaining the ultimate confidence 
    4. Stay focused on your goal and keep positive not on the negatives

  2. Action
    1. Learning and self-development
    2. Developing  a strategy & problem-solving business and personal issues in a winning way
    3. Planning your 3 year goals -> 2 year goals -> 1 year goal -> monthly goals -> weekly goals -> daily goals
    4. Executing and running your business on a daily routine, including leadership, outsourcing, hiring and managing

  3. Educate
    1. How to teach/coach your staff and customers
    2. Understanding marketing psychology so you can apply it to any medium
    3. Writing to a business standard for selling, marketing and professional communication 
    4. Public speaking for social media, TV, podcasts or even for your staff meetings

  4. Patience
    1. To persevere through hard times and keep going
    2. Motivate yourself when you feel low or don’t want to do certain tasks
    3. Reviewing your work, business, personal goals, development on a regular basis
    4. Tenacity to keep going against all odds and holding firm on your mission

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